5th October 2017

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Attendees: Peter, Anders, Lauren, Tony, Lawrence, Evi, Tony, Chris, Richard, Bob, Daniel, Stuart, Bill

Apologies: Karnika


  • Review Real Worlds Scenarios Draft
  • Scenario #2 Framework reference section does not link back to the framework as it’s more business/org related...suggest removal
  • Review section 4 - One final bullet of "Asset Management/Infrastructure Qualification"
  • Evi and Tony will post slides that will be presented at the conference on Teamwork
  • Bob- Cleaned up the Scenarios document awaiting for Chris to upload the new version
  • Bob- To include the URLs in the slide deck


  • Tony and Anders attended European medicine agencies inspector working group in 2015
  • Tony- Anders idea was to paraphrase the questions to fit in the next addition of the FAQ document
  • Bob- How would I address regulators concerns, those scenarios would take it to that level
  • Tony- The questions posed 10 out of the dozen were not specific to Cloud based solutions a mindset change from the person asking the question as the answer they were getting was not what they were expecting


  • Anders- Extract the questions from the slide deck from the meeting in 2015 and upload to Teamwork
  • Anders- To arrange a meeting with Elizabeth to gain clarification on Vendor/Cloud statement
  • To capture the questions raised in the next version of the document