5 June 2015 Meeting Minutes

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The meeting on 5 June 2015 was held via teleconference and webex. Sean Troth of Merck began with a presentation of typical tabulated histopathology data tables. This was useful for describing the current status for data presentation. The group decided that the objectives of this project will be towards novel graphical/visual displays, instead of tabulated data which are common convention. Joyce Zandee of INDS followed with a presentation of Send Explorer Plus for visual displays of histopathology data. A PDF of this presentation is attached below. There was a lot of interest amongst the group for the Treemap Summary View in which the size of a box represents total number of findings for a tissue and color intensity represents severity scores. Future displays should be developed in which control/background lesions/changes are subtracted from treated groups to thereby display changes associated with treatment. The Treemap could be used to display control/background changes in animals over time as animals age. This could describe background lesions within a species over various ages. Studies examining the effects of various vehicles could be graphically displayed. Creating heat maps based on lesion severity scores is of interest. Visualization tools are of interest for comparing organ weight data to historical control values and for flagging outliers with graphics/colors. Graphical displays would be useful for vaccine studies in which there are multiple groups and multiple necropsy periods, for comparing changes seen in a study to historical controls or prior test findings, and for graphing multiple target organs within a study.

  • SEND Explorer examples of histopathology data visualizations, including the Treemap Summary View