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When: 3:00 pm , 5 August 2013
Place: T-con
Facilitator: Lauren Mihalcik
Scribe: Lauren Mihalcik
Attendance: Lauren Mihalcik, Dan Potenta, John Sims, Nancy Everds, Paul Brown, Jen Feldmann, Judy Henck, Rick Long


Who's here? New member
Rick Long, veterinary pathologist at Charles River Laboratories
  1. Introduction of new members
  2. Update on responses
  3. Suggestions on approaches to writing the white paper from the PhUSE Nonclinical Working Group quarterly meeting.
  4. White paper outline

General discussion

  1. Update on responses: As of Friday, there were 337 responses to the survey. Additional responses from targeted groups are anticipated. The stated end of the survey is August 16th, but it will remain open until COB on August 19th.
  2. Suggestions on approaches to writing the white paper from the PhUSE Nonclinical Working Group quarterly meeting: The broader working group meeting was an opportunity to give updates from each group and ask questions about how groups are meeting similar challenges. LM asked the group for input on the best way to collaboratively edit a white paper, given that Google Docs is blocked at at least one member's site. Other than emailing around drafts and using the track changes feature, the only suggestion was to use an eroom/sharepoint site at a member's company that might allow some outside collaboration. JF and LM will attempt to edit on the CDISC portal to see if that is a feasible option.
  3. White paper outline: LM sent around a draft outline of the white paper. Immediate comments on the draft included
  • include the list of resources, potentially as an appendix. This could include papers on correct use/best practices for HC data, websites for access to HC data, solutions for managing HC data.
  • Make it very clear what part of the paper is "survey" and what is "recommendations". Interweaving the two could get confusing.
  • The limitations question is very interesting. We could address each limitation and suggest ways around them.

Follow up

LM and JF will attempt to use the CDISC portal to edit. Group members will look over the outline, make any additional suggestions, and email them to LM for our next meeting.

Note: LM will be out of the office for the next meeting.

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