3 February 2017 Meeting Minutes

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A TC/webex was held on 3 February 2017. A draft of the poster for the upcoming FDA PhUSE CSS was reviewed. Edits were made by P Drew and subsequently distributed to the contributors for final evaluation. The draft poster is to be submitted to PhUSE by Feb 9. The group discussed next steps for the project, including whether we had sufficient material to initiate a publication, based on the poster, as a follow-on to the 2016 publication in Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology. A suggestion was made to edit an available SEND dataset to include pathology findings of interest, and utilize the various software applications to graph the results. Comparisons across platforms could then be made based on display formats and user interfaces available. Use cases should be identified and types of displays/analyses to be performed prior to manipulation of the demo SEND dataset. Recovery phases should be explored. An initial attempt was made by K Snyder to display a huge eTOX dataset. The data were not SEND compatible and had curation problems. PointCross indicated that the could prepare a usable SEND dataset that could be exported and revised to provide these data. The next TC-webex will be held March 3. K Snyder will provide a demonstration of new scripts from the Scripts Project Team. The proposals above will be presented to the Nonclinical Topics Working Group at the FDA PhUSE CSS meeting in March for endorsement.