31st August 2017

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Attendees: Wendy, Larry, Bob, Suzanne, Dan, Evi,

Apologies: Tony,


  • Scenarios Document (additional piece to give guidance and different scenarios as part of the framework. - if we want to share at the November meeting, is there a due date by when this needs to be done by)
    • Update: WD is not aware of any deadline dates for this but would be useful to have in place by end of September for teams final review
  • Bob has reviewed feedback on Chris's document and the feedback provided was correct. It's a scenario Serena had worked on so need to understand if she can do some revision
    • Action: Bob to reach out to Serena
  • Bill raised the topic of security around the scenarios during our meeting couple weeks back. Bob has requested a draft note as to what the scenario would be but hasn't heard back.
    • Action: Bill to reach out to Bob
  • Commissioners Letter:
    • Update: Deadline for comments passed. However, FDA will be happy to still receive comments and a meeting is trying to be set up with Tony, Crystal Allard (FDA) and Scott Bahlavooni.