30 September 2016 Meeting Minutes

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A teleconference/webex was held on September 30, 2016. The meeting involved a demonstration of the use of the open source software, Krona, for displaying histopathology data from a toxicology study. K Snyder from FDA led the demonstration which involved downloading of the software and loading anonymous/blinded SEND histopathology data (obtained from an open source). Krona was developed for metagenomics analysis, but can be used to display hierarchical or categorical data. Two different outcome variables can be plotted: severity score and incidence. Findings or lesion severity score needs to be converted to a numeric value with a range. Example 0 to -5 for normal to severe. Severity scores can be averaged to provide differences in color/hue. Percentage information can be misleading. Need to evaluate relationships between incidence data and outputs-displays in plot. SEND histopathology data are put into Excel file for use in software. Data can be readily combined from multiple studies. Different levels of hierarchy or subcategories can be displayed by using multiple columns. The group was enthusiastic about software and there was support for continued evaluation. High potential for development of a poster for 2017 FDA PhUSE CSS meeting.

Krona software open source at: http://github.com/marbl/Krona/wiki