30 APR 2018

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Attendees: Patty, Maria, Phil, Jen, Sue, Bob, David, Thomas, Lou Ann

Apologies: Fred, William, Catherine


  • Phil New Project request
    • Visualisation project reached a natural stop
    • New Project - Work with Etransafe How dV can be used as safety signal detection and Look at the way we can use algorithms that will help to identify safety signals
    • Picking up on what is used in clinical trials safety data
    • PhUSE SC - NPR and the Etransafe memo of understanding concept (how does PhUSE leadership want to be involved in that)
    • Send the NPR to the SC on for the 18th May and review internally before hand
    • Define team to expand the scope

  • Review of CSS Wiki Site
    • Any feedback pass over to Sue
  • Next Project Status Update webinar in May (23rd 3pm, GMT) - Proposal for single project
    • Data Consistency to potentially present a a virtual demo (Maria to reach out to Kathy)
      • waiting on approval for their live Wiki page - Sue and Patty to approve this
  • Phil - Visualisation of Histopathology Data
    • Could we have an interactive session on the Webinar
  • Project status, issues, deliverables....updates
    • ADA meeting had feedback and are now going to put ADA data in the LB domain are now going to start working on their White Paper
    • Possible present a slide on the outcome of this meeting to present at the SEND core team


  • Maria to reach out to Kathy with regards to presenting at the next Webinar
  • Sue and Patty to approve Data Consistency live Wiki page