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When: 2:00PM , 30Apr2012
Place: T-con
Facilitator: Lauren Mihalcik
Scribe: Lauren Mihalcik
Agenda: Discussion of the wiki for the call for participation, including the appropriate estimated time committment, for the historical control working group



Lauren Mihalcik, Louis Norton, Ben Sefing, Tara Hamilton, Jen Feldman

General discussion

The group discussed each section of the wiki and improved the wording with a goal of stimulating interest from target participants. The edits were made on the fly from a draft by Lauren and Louis.

It was agreed that a time committment of 4 hours/month would enable the work to get done without overburdening participants. The initial estimate of 1-2 tcons/month was changed to 2/month to maintain momentum.

The wiki was considered ready for general consumption.

Follow up

Additional wordsmithing to the background section may be done offline.

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