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Attendees: Jeff, Ingeborg, Mark, Mike, Sam, Terek

Apologies: Trisha,


  • Duke have a Similar project where they are looking into EHR's
  • Could we collaborate with Duke?
  • Sam - Could we set up an application to work for that particular study
    • We could then publish the results
  • Duke would like to get co authorship on a paper
  • Could we develop the paper further and maybe publish it as an academic journal?
  • Once we have a project plan we could put a proposal forward to Duke
  • Discussion topics could be developed into full papers
  • Jeff - What would it take to make the tool more general?
  • Sam - Duke for Epic if you want to use FHIR you have to buy an extra licence to use it


  • All to try and have a small meeting at Connect on Monday to discuss
  • LW to send a note out to the team to come prepared with new project ideas for the next call