2nd May 2018

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Attendees: Anders, Andrew, Hans-Peter, Tony, Frank, Evi, Anne

Apologies: Martin, Richard, Robert


  • Welcome to Andrew Matteson
    • From Applied BioMath LLC; leads a small software team
    • Working on a Cloud system in the hope it GLP Validatable system
  • Follow up on actions
    • Contact to GAMP - established. Debate ongoing
    • If there is a possibility for collaboration
    • Not sure if our concepts work together as GAMP do a lot of things from a commercial point of view
  • Framework doc with comments uploaded. Will be discussed when Martin is on meeting
    • We need to look at the document to see how it should be reworked
    • Walk through Martins comments at the next meeting for the next generation of our framework doc

  • Proposal for Annual conference in Frankfurt 2018 - uploaded
    • Anders has uploaded abstract
    • Acceptance/Rejection notification 31st May

  • Walk through updated FAQ doc
    • Shall we take our experience from our companies
    • Take this and combine the scenarios with our presentation slides
    • Questions that were posted are not cloud specific we need to reflect that in our response
    • Comments from regulators to be included


  • All to review the FAQ doc to go through the comments at the next meeting