29 January 2016 Meeting Minutes

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A teleconference and webex was held on to review the near final draft of the working group's poster to be presented at the 2016 FDA PhUSE Computational Sciences Symposium March 13-15. A draft poster is to be submitted to PhUSE by 29 January 2016 (done, by A Brown) and the final version is to be submitted to PhUSE by 19 February 2016. Co-authors requiring corporate approval of the poster should submit the near final draft. If approval not available, we can remove the corporate logo and co-author name. J Zandee provided a brief tutorial of the INDS Tree Map, so that the figure can be described during the poster session. The Treemap boxes/rectangles can represent lesion incidence or severity, color can be used to differentiate between tissues, studies, sex, etc. Rectangles can be segregated by sex. The tool is highly dynamic with various data filters available. The Inspire heat map in the poster depicts tissue findings (y-axis) versus animals by dose group (x-axis), with color codes based on lesion severity. The AstraZeneca screen shot displays cross-domain data (clinical observations, pathology, clinical pathology) with different studies labeled with color. The next working group TC will occur following the FDA PhUSE meeting and will provide an update to the working group regarding the poster presentation, feedback, next steps and future directions.