28th September 2017

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Attendees: Bob, Wendy, Hans, Lawrence, Anders, Richard, Larry, Chris , Lauren, Serena

Apologies: Tony, Karnika, Evi, Daniel


Feedback on Real World Scenarios document

  • Update on the supporting document
  • Chris- Chris and Serena to address scenario 4 or keep the question the same and update the terms of the contract (change the phrasing of question 4 or provide guidance on the terms of what you should look for in the contract)
  • Bob- Most people who have an application which is running the cloud do not understand the changing rolls
  • Bob- S3 does not have the ability to back-up, part of our service to provide a back- up and to monitor that back-ups have occurred
  • Anders- How are you still in control and how have you verified if they are still in place?
  • Chris -Suggestion- Keep a list of Pharma company, the date, specific regulator visits and what we heard on the inspection so we can use these for scenarios
  • See what the feedback is from the conference on the Scenarios document
  • Bob- Scenario document as a stand alone file
  • Richard- How to evaluate vendors looking at the documentation they provide to asses which one to select (contractor or documentation) once the vendor had been selected what should I include in that?
  • Chris\Serena - Vendors assessment section and in the first question in evaluating the vendor point back to the framework section once you are past your vendor assessment and contract phases here are the considerations for that
  • Richard- Evaluation side looking into compliance with general IT standards what are our evaluating vendors that are other standard of documents we should look for that are more Pharma specific?
  • Chris- Vendor assessment starts after your requirement phase has ended
  • Break the question 4 into two sub questions - Evaluation of cloud providers and contracting with Cloud providers
  • Bob Chris and Serena to talk this through

ACTION: Get the final content of question 4 resolved so Chris can publish this within the next week to send Tony and Evi so they can include the links in the presentation.