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Attendees: Priya, Sam, Geoff, Trisha, Jeff, Mike, Nick, Mark



  • Priya – Feedback on draft Datasets
  • Labs- 3 test codes

What do we want to show from this Data?

  • Aggregate trends
  • Show a sample listing
  • Looking for reports where we have abnormalities and trends
  • Post marketing surveillance
  • Is there a draft AD source?
  • Mention adverse events
  • Get the data in and then see what we are able to do


  • Priya to try and pull out some AD from the data
  • Change from baseline to see how this looks and go from there
  • Priya to pull Synthia data and send to Sam and Jeff for feedback
  • Jeff will post the draft paper for review Dec 21st
    • Priya and Sam to work together on the main body of the paper
  • Sam to work with Jeff and Priya so they get an idea of how the ADI works


  • Link to article on FDA App
  • Link to App
  • Looking Ahead
  • F2F meeting at CSS
  • HL7 Meetings
  • San Antonio - January 12th
  • Montreal - May 4th
  • Atlanta – Sept 14th