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Attendees: Krishna, Chris, Lauren, Jeff, Alisa, Steve, Sam, Dave, Nick

Targeting the US connect conference: Sam -

  • Words are being reviewed
  • Two different projects
  • Esource focus on API and the standardising how you would capture information in CDISC standard
  • Work with terminology what are the challenge areas for making this work in real studies
  • How would we represent terminologies as it exhists in the EHR
  • Provide abstracts formally in ODM

Discussion on abstract for PhUSE/Terminology and Mapping

  • Steve – Three way mapping
  • Sam - Someone will need to do some standardised mapping and capture the original coding that was used so that we have both. Look to see where mapping would work and how we could apply it
  • Jeff- The end product could be an automated mapping program
  • Sam- Work on a good place to do a small pilot and what problems we could start with
  • Prove we can map them, we have this tool you can use on what’s applicable
  • We can discuss issues in the abstract
  • Krishna (Safety physician) - Analyse Safety signals, if we looked into compliance with EHR this would help to meet CDISC standards
  • Use Safety signals as a use case to test this out on motivating this work (beyond the general eSource use case) with a view to run a more complete safety signal detection pilot in the future.
  • Chris- Show some idea of why we are doing this and maybe use the signal detection
  • Dave- Terminology is our biggest issue
  • Krishna – Could we map different terminologies to a single medical concept?

If someone has already done this maybe we could build on this?

  • SlALS project have done some of the mapping work (SP7 or an IRA Project)


  • Steve- One way to approach the mapping is to build the framework on how we do the mapping
  • Grab content from HER on coding to see how we would map this moving into CDISC terminology
  • Leave the terminology mapping out of the scope


  • Work on the 150 word abstract for PhUSE by adding additional details to create our 1- page summary for submission to Connect 2018 (due December 1st)
  • The larger paper to include the safety signal use cases