25 JUN 2018

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Attendees: Kevin, Patty, Phil, Kevin, Maria, Bob, Thomas, Sue, David,

Apologies: Fred, Lou Ann, Jennifer


  • NPR on the agenda for the next meeting 13th July
  • Survey 12 responses – See comments;
  • Review of Connect- Are wanting to go ahead with the stream
    • Too many events at the same time needs to be on key event
    • SC meeting – ‘Too many events’ also came up and what the difference was between CSS and Connect as there is FDA representation at both
    • There is a push coming from FDA and PhUSE for us to interact more strongly
    • We do not want to dilute the content
    • We don’t have the bandwidth of nonclinical and clinical content
    • We don’t collaborate with the clinical groups a lot
    • Connect is a way to connect with clinical people
    • Concern if you were attending a meeting because there was a lot of FDA there are you looking for information from regulatory members
    • Why is FDA asking for more participation is this for scientific purposes?
    • CSS would be project building and Connect would be the show
    • Kevin – Connect as an academic conference and somewhere you can take home ideas, CSS override for people who are committed to a project
    • Bob – Felt he could participate as Baltimore is close to home but if it was to move further I may not be able to commit
    • What’s in it for us? – New source of projects and you would come away with new ideas to take back to your company
    • FDA reviewers
    • Team have agreed to participate in Connect – Bob will look to help lead


  • LW to update the WGQ
  • Bob – Working with the readiness survey to prepare a survey for next year.

We have spoken about what questions to add or delete Feedback on how to improve the survey Next SEND implementation survey is in development If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve the survey please send comments to BOB Link to draft survey

  • Sue and Patty – Could you please cross check the Wiki with the website to make sure all deliverables have been transferred to the Wiki. Wendy will now be removing all deliverables from the Wiki once confirmed they are on the website