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When: 3:00 pm , 25 Nov 2013
Place: Tcon
Facilitator: Lauren Mihalcik
Scribe: Lauren Mihalcik
Attendance: Lauren Mihalcik, Megan Bausman, Nancy Everds, Joyce Zandee, Judy Henck
Agenda: Discuss white paper in progress

General discussion

  • Lauren had compiled all the submitted draft language into one document in the format of Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science (published by DIA)
  • The group walked through and discussed the various sections that have been completed.
  • Cover page will be completed after the writing is done. We will follow the standard rules for authorship. Lauren volunteers to be corresponding author unless anyone else wants to do it.
  • Lauren will evaluate section I.C. to see if there are aspects not covered under Jen's I.A-B (Jen can also take a look).
  • Megan will update the methods section with the actual wording of the questions from the survey (screenshots were sent around as reference). Information about respondents will move to the Results section.
  • The group felt the executive summary section would be too overlapping with the abstract, so this section will be deleted.
  • Judy is completing the results respondents section
  • Lauren will finish fleshing out Results F through I (unless there are other volunteers - sign up via email or on the wiki!).
  • Joyce will work on the colors for the figures sent around in the excel file to make them more visually appealing.
  • Nancy will look into stratification of respondents to see if there is anything interesting (e.g., pathologists vs. non-pathologists, CROs vs Pharma, etc.) If there is a particular stratification you think might be interested, let Nancy know.
  • We should use a consistent method of data display for the same kind of data throughout the paper. To that end, we will replace the data table in III. D. (activities) with a graph.
  • December 9th call: we will focus on the projects section during this call, especially identifying projects of interest to the community and doing some assessment of pro/con, roadblocks, etc.

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