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Attendees: Sam, Priya, Jeff

Apologies: Trisha

  • Synthia was available for public use which is why we used this
  • We wanted to see how the FHIR standard worked in storing and retrieving data
  • We also used this for research
  • Plan to expand on EHR programmes but is has been hard getting access to health records
  • Working on a safety study to get info from the EHR but how do we de-identify the data in EHR
    • We listed out limitations and issues
    • This is one of the issues we discussed in our first paper
    • FHIR has a research resource

Ideas for next project

  • Terminology and compatibility mapping -LOINC would need more man power to tackle
  • What would other data bases look like and use that to see what a multi study would look like
  • Could we explore bringing in variable data for research?
  • There are more test data bases available now but not sure what they have been loaded with
  • Other EHR that have FHIR test servers - Sam to investigate what else is available
  • Priya - There is a lot of push from standards because they are trying to get information faster on oncology studies
  • Team to try and find some test data bases and decide what to work on from there