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Attendees: Jeff, Mike, Sam, Nick, Terek, William

Apologies: Chris, Jeoff, Steve, Trisha, Geoff


Jeff Abolafia to attend CSS and represent FHIR

  • Will be attending CSS will reach out to Trisha

How we extend CDASH for FHIR eSource

  • Software that we could use to pull stuff out of the HR and connect into the EDC system to grab patients and subjects
  • Create the research study so you have some sponsors to choose from
  • Once you have a study you can load the EHR patients that match the criteria you're looking for
    • This pulls patients from the sandbox who meet the criteria
    • Create the subjects and match them together to create your research study
    • Use the EDC system to pick subjects out to then create the research subjects with is the matching part
  • Looking into consent within the EHR data for the research
  • Consent resource has a lot of possible content
    • are EHR systems going to implement this and capture consent?
    • If they did what do you pull out to know if you can use EHR data for a study
    • There is an acknowledgement button for EHR consent
      • This is consent to my hospital does it go beyond this?
    • If we could use FHIR to allow the physician to could grab the data out of the EHR (EHR consent resource)

Mappings into share

  • May not get them in time to put them into the prototype
  • Part of the medidata would be to retrieve the Esource using FHIR
  • Find the EDC subjects that are there from there you can create the research subjects
  • Pick up the set of research subjects for the medidata that you got back from the EDC system you would then have to go back into the transfer data and pull the data out of EHR at the site to post into the EDC system
    • How we map EHR systems to specific visits
    • Geoff - We will know the fields before the study starts
    • Theres no concepts of visits so we've been using dates and avoided the visits idea
    • This will be a challenge for study design where they have subjects set up
  • Once the mapping is established and its Live it is then seamless as we have already tested this before going live- ADD TO PAPER
  • We are interested in the study design package and the data we'd like to pre populate but how do we know if an EHR system is implemented certain resources is there a similar to test that study
  • If there are particular IG's how broadly are they implemented and can we rely on these exhisting insights we want to use
    • EHR vendors take the base FHIR resources and extend them with IGs
  • Look to extending CDASH and how do we include this and represent this in ODM to get the Esource Content
    • Provenance Esource
    • What do we need to capture in the audit trail to map it back to the EHR

Consent resource does exist

  • Could we put a check box to include the use of EHR for the research
  • Bill - David Pyke was seeking input from HL7 BRR members on the consent resource. I don't know if he is still a good contact on this topic.(david.pyke@readycomputing.com) - Find out who's working on this and find out where it stands
    • We need to address consent resource the the paper regarding research use and requirements
    • What creates these resource have the created it with their EHR system or have they created the research subject?


  • Chris has reached out to colleagues at d-wise had a good response for people wanting to contribute to the team
  • Geoff Low to Co author