22 May 2015 Meeting Minutes

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A teleconference was held on 22 May 2015 in which initial questions for the project were reviewed in order to identify priorities for further evaluation.

  • What software tools are individuals currently using for graphically displaying/analyzing histopathology data ?
  • Are these tools being used for analysis within a single study or across multiple studies ?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the current tools ?
  • What are the scientific questions or specific analyses that appear most appropriate for graphical display of pathology data (gross observations, histopathology findings, pathology scoring systems) ?
  • How should the data be displayed graphically/visually ? What do people desire for visual displays ?
  • What limitations or caveats exist for visual displays versus the standard means for reporting pathology findings (written statement and tabulated data tables) ? Examples include variance in lesion terminology and qualitative nature in assigning severity scores, differences across labs and studies, etc.
  • In what instances do we see real value for graphical/visual displays ?

During the group discussion, it was decided that single study analyses (ie, within study analyses) would be a higher priority than multiple study analyses. There are numerous challenges for across study analyses (eg, due to differences in scoring systems used, terminology, study pathologists, qualitative differences in data). The group will initially focus on single study graphical displays based on available SEND data sets. A natural development for this project would be to incorporate organ weights and clinical pathology for cross-domain analyses and graphical displays. The group will start with reviewing available graphical displays/visualization tools for histopathology data followed by collecting opinions regarding strengths and weaknesses, alternative ideas, and desired graphics for the future. The next meeting will be held on 5 June 2015 in which Joyce Zandee of INDS will give a demonstration of graphical displays at INDS and Sean Troth of Merck will provide examples of tabulated pathology data. These presentations will be shared via webex.