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  • Summary/Action from Kick Off meeting
  • Collaboration approach for real filing POC
  • Brainstorming best practice for interactive analyses

Actions from Kick Off Meeting

  • Need to request FDA's participant in the POC project
    *Paul Schuette is on this project and joined the call
  • Re: Option 1 real filing POC project, call for sponsors to participate (All)
  • WD to seek suitable time for majority for regular call
    *Doodle on the go
  • Sharon to send WD slide deck to upload to Teamwork / Wiki


  • Sharon out of office until 8th August
  • Next team meeting middle of August
  • WD and Paul to send invite to colleagues (Jimmy Wong) when next meeting confirmed
  • Link to team wiki page
  • Spotfire next meeting 30 mins
  • Possibly R