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Present : Reddy, Wendy, Alisa, Bill, Regina, Geoff, Jeff, Shannon, Chris Steele
Apologies : Trisha

Data update : We have 12 subjects with Type2 diabetes, ACTION : ?Reddy is having problems extracting the data, he will investigate using query function to extract sub-sets of data

Mapping : Jeff needs help with loinc codes for the labs data ACTION - Regina to assist with the coding loinc codes - FHIR use the loinc codes https://www.cdisc.org/sites/default/files/members/standard/foundational//cdisccommonloinctests20050214.doc

Draft Paper Text. Regina has completed the main body of the paper ACTION : Team asked to review and add comments The data sections have not been started ACTION : Jeff will create draft sections CDASH-> SDTM SDTM-> FHIR

Link to paper https://phuse.teamworkpm.net/#files/2076908