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When: 3:00 PM , 1 April 2013
Place: T-con
Facilitator: Lauren Mihalcik
Attendance: Lauren Mihalcik, Joyce Zandee, Judy Henck, Nancy Everds

General discussion

Joyce gave a brief overview of the 2013 PhUSE conference, which she, Jennifer, and Paul attended. Joyce and Jen submitted some proposed goals and timeline for the group for the next year.

  • AI: Lauren will get this document from Bob Dorsam.

There have been several additional changes proposed for the survey over the last month, as outlined by Jen Feldmann in an email. These were generally acceptable. There was concern from all members of the group that the survey may be too long/onerous and cause people to bail out in the middle of taking it. Ideas for making it more user-friendly included:

  1. making fewer questions required (possibly making all questions optional)
  2. slimming down the survey (eliminating questions) - Lauren notes that the "projects" question is the only one that really has to stay
  3. make it possible to make the decision to bail out and come back in the middle of the survey (rather than having to decide at the beginning)
  4. include information about the questions in the email being sent out so people will know what kind of data they will need to have on hand to answer the questions

This issue is related to the question of how the survey will be distributed. If people are to be able to leave and come back to the survey, the call for participation will have to be an exercise in collection of email addresses. This could possibly be done somewhat seamlessly if we can distribute a link to a sign-up page that immediately sends a survey link. People may be reluctant to provide their email address, however, which would argue for distributing a direct link to the survey. This option wouldn't allow for returning to partially completed surveys (arguing for a very friendly survey design).

  • AI: Everyone will go through the survey again to look for ways to slim it down
  • AI: Talk to Instem survey folks to find out how a sign-up link might work and whether it is possible to remove the "requiredness" of the survey questions
  • AI: The group will decide through email about the best approach for distribution, and Lauren will draft appropriate email text.

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