19 Mar 2018

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Attendees: Alan, Maria, Kathy, Mike, Kevin, Patty, Sue, David, Troy, William, Catherine , Thomas

Apologies: Fred, Jen, Phil


  • CSS Feedback
    • CSS 2019 9th-11th June
    • Hard to hear with the room spilt
    • SDRG Workshop enabled the Clinical and Nonclinical teams from Merck to get together
    • There will be more overlap between Nonclinical and Clinical will become more important to work together at CSS
    • Lilliam's activity has generated a lot of interest
    • Breakout discussion outcome link

  • Review Impact Panel Outcome – develop Summary of themes across industry, and determine any concluding actions
    • Recommendations for future projects

  • Plan for NCT 2018 CSS Outcome Wiki page
    • Presentations from CSS will be posted here
    • LW to add the link to the Working Group Quarterly
    • Breakout session slides will also be added

  • Projects: pending closures and top proposals for new (April)
    • Improving the Wiki for Nonclinical
    • Linked data education - Drashti, Thomas
    • Modeling Flow Cytometry - Tony Fata
    • Lilliams presentation what can we do to help
    • Alan looking to interactions with etransafe project - ask for advise from the steering committee on how to manage the relationship with etransafe
    • Data consistency will create the live Wiki the final deliverable - add the Deliverable under review to the monthly mailing - April 1st
    • Announce the two deliverables under review once these have been submitted
    • Histopath project may be looking to close out TBC when


  • Demo of visualisaions using imi data (interactive) - Kevin to post the screen shots