19 January 2017 Meeting Minutes

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A teleconference/webex was held on 19 January 2017. The primary agenda was to review an early first draft of the poster to be presented at the upcoming FDA PhUSE CSS in March in Silver Spring, MD. The abstract for the poster was previously submitted to PhUSE (on 10 January 2017) and the draft poster is to be submitted by 9 February 2017. Anonymous data from at least one study from the IMI-eTOX database will be obtained by Novartis to attempt to graph histopathology results using the Krona software and INDS SEND Explorer. The project team is interested in pursuing collaboration with IMI-eTOX group (lead at Novartis) to see if Krona starburst plots can be used to graph pathology data, clinical signs, organ weights (based on percent or fold change), etc. Inquiries will be made. Regarding the poster: one INDS treemap to be included, use figure with descriptive lesions. Three different examples of cross-study graphics using Novartis TSP were shared, group suggests using 2 in poster to highlight dynamic range of results based on incidence counts and severity (color codes). PointCross will prepare mockup of bar chart display with data from 2 different studies. Contributors to poster are to prepare basic text as guide for graphics. A standard histopathology data table is to be included in the poster. If possible, include same data as displayed with graphical tool. S Troth suggested that enhanced traditional tables are very useful and would be commonly used. Heat maps (such as IND SEND Explorer) good example of useful graphics for one study display.