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Attendees: Trisha, Jeff, Priya

Apologies: Sam Agenda:

  • Priya – Access to older data within the PhUSE folder we need to get access to this
  • Priya did not have access to some of the PhUSE folders
  • Data that is currently in Github may be tweaked from what was used in the previous project
    • This should not matter
  • We would need a SAS programme to create the ADaM datasets
    • Sam's datasets would fire off the ADaM datasets
  • We could do another display if all goes well
  • Paper is due January 11th
  • Jeff presenting at the next Webinar Wednesday and call for volunteers
  • Had some interest at the EU Connect conference but yet to have an email from those requesting to join
  • FDA has created an App ‘My Studies’ which is tied to AstraZeneca
    • Has AstraZeneca started to use this app?


  • Priya to start creating ADaM datasets and share with the team
  • Have the draft datasets in place before our next call so that we can then move on with the displays
  • Jeff to start drafting the White Paper
  • Jeff to reach out to Sam to see if he can do the Automated workflow