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Attendees: Barry Nelson, Wendy Dobson, Trisha Simpson, Dave Iberson-Hurst, Sam Hume, Lauren Becnel, Jeff Abolafia, Bhargav Reddy, Joy Li, Alisa Khomyanina, Geoff Low, Regina Zopf


Finalize abstract (see attached) Note possible Conference Streams (http://www.phuse.eu/conference-streams) Begin review of Diabetes TAUG

  • CDISC Website
  • Standards
  • Therapeutic Area
  • Diabetes

Go to bottom then can download for free.

Section 1 is of interest if not clear on TAUG's.

Question: Do we want to take all the data from the EHR or just concentrate on the glucose test as an example.

Answer: Couldn't manage all the data in time for September.

If a large number of patients needs extracting it could be difficult.

Agreement: 10 patients at most


3 Chapters only

  • Diabetes Type
  • Labs (various) (Haemoglobin) A1C
  • Cardiovascular Events and Outcomes

Need to add Deomographics

Need to get a list of medications

Question: Could we use this data for clinical research?

Inclusion / Exclusion criteria.

Do we just treat this like a study? We would need building selection criteria.

Do we need more than just diabetes patients? If just chose diabetes, could end up with thousands of patients.

We must have selection criteria.

A subset of con med as an e.g.

Jeff to look through type 1 diabetes to see what criteria is.