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Attendees: Sam, Steve, Trisha, Lauren, Alisa, Chris, Nick, Khomyanina

Determine our next project two potentially present at Connect in Raleigh or at the Annual Conference in Frankfurt
Second Project Ideas

  • Controlled terminologies
  • Work on looking at the mapping to the dictionaries how do we do this what are the tools we can use to get to the dictionary
  • Sam maintaining the mapping is a challenge addressing the business case and then how do we deal with the mapping issue


CDASH/ODM use the API to grab the content and complete the CFS and convert into data setts. Sam is willing to lead this project Member based in India –

  • Having multiple strings to have two time zones covered as one of the members is based in India
  • Looking at signal detection and looking at the differences in controlled terminology


  • Represent some mapping and show how the content can be representet
  • Look at building a prototype to represent it
  • Timeframe - Could look to complete this for June
  • Call for papers closes at the end of December Sam to put a draft together


Sam to draft paper before the deadline in December Sam to get an abstract ready for next week Trisha to send Sam the abstract from last year