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Attendees: Jeff, Trisha, Mark, Sam, Mike, Terek, William

Apologies: Steve


Review of Paper

  • Take out spelling of abbreviations
  • Sam to tidy up paper and submit before May 4th
  • Mapping as a future project to be mentioned in the presentation or add to the paper in the conclusion
  • eSource and Consent - Mention GDPR (Trisha to provide text)
  • Interoperability - Standard organise development need to harmonise in the future

Next Projects

  • Mapping problems
  • Jeff- Study Synthea to get two real life electronic health systems (two EPIC and show they are different)


  • Jeff will submit abstract for EU Connect and work on the White Paper
  • All team to provide feedback on paper to Sam
  • Trisha to send content on GDPR to Sam
  • All - Think of a name for the thread we will have throughout these projects