17th January 2018

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Attendees: Anders, Gayathri, Richard, Tony, Bill, Susan,

Apologies: Evi, Karnika, Frank, Daniel


  • Review meeting frequency (Bi-weekly/Weekly)
  • Welcome Gayarathi - Programming Manager
    • Interested in gaining more knowledge on cloud
  • Update on the Cloud Providers Meeting - Chris
    • Putting together thoughts on PhUSE event (SDE) to discuss how to adopt Cloud
    • Anders putting together a paper to share with the team
  • CSS Break out sessions and titles
    • Richard,Susan, Bob, Dan and Serena are to attend CSS
    • Have a space to hand over and realign goals (8 people attending)
    • Cloud will use all the time assigned for breakout sessions
    • Tony will be stepping down Anders will be taking over from the role after CSS
    • Have some time aside at CSS to hand over and reset the goals and expectations for the rest of 2018
    • Anders - Align the documents we have been working on throughout the year


  • LW to send Gayarathi Teamwork to personal account
  • All add to ideas for next steps
  • LW to send note out to the team to attend CSS
  • LW to set up bi weekly meetings starting from 1st Feb
  • Follow up next week
  • Bob to identify the latest scenarios document and send to Anders