17th August 2017

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Attendees: Avid, Stuart, Hans-Peter, William, Chris, Bob

Apologies: Tony


  • Public comment letter will go to FDA
  • Can this be a question for the scenarios document as this is main lack of understanding of cloud architecture.
  • Bill to get specific questions around what they are looking for.
  • Final deadline August 21st to submit the letter
    • Scott contacted the cloud adoption team with concerns regarding the letter as it currently stands on behalf of PhUSE.
  • Stuart to help formulate the response towards servers
  • Working on a project at Sanofi, one of the servers is planning on a migration to the USA there will now be a lack of visibility into the AWS data centres.
  • Advantages in the server moving to the AWS such as better management of the hardware and the flexibility around the configuration management it provides.
  • Concerns about moving from a collaboration to AWS
  • Adoption curve with the cloud thinking about joining the cloud and don’t know how it works or have done some of the work to get over the proof of concept or production work load. Sanofi have already done some of the initially discovery and have some venders who provide a solution.
  • Reports from third-party auditors are at a much higher level than what a pharmaceutical company can provide


  • Stuart: Reviewed the document on teamwork no comments