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Agenda Update on the Synthea data Resource List (attached) Timeline (attached) Volunteer to create spreadsheet for Diabetes TAUG data points (TAUG attached)

List of Action Items (will continue to list on agenda until I have time to play with the Tasks feature on our Teamwork page)

Action: Regina / Sam happy to work on drafting the introduction. Brook also happy to support.

Action: Geoff / Sam can help with annotations and ODM
Action: Regina / Brook can start to populate. (Discussion section – potential applications of methods & data / Challenges of the data obtained for use in clinical trials)
Action: Regina to send Trisha DCIX information (done)
Action: Chrissy & Trisha due to meet 4th May to review timelines and will then share with the team. (Mtg to be rescheduled)
Action: Chan from Triangle will support the Technical Part of the document (in terms of describing how the data were extracted from Synthea)
Action: Trish to send Resource Index Link. All to choose an option to work on. (see above)
Action: Lauren to ask HL7 BR&R group if we can have access to the BRIDG mappings (2017-05-17 email: I will not be able to attend today’s call, but have requested from Samvit to get a copy of the draft FHIR to BRIDG mappings. Also I’m happy to take an action allergy intolerance and condition, if no one else has claimed it.)