16th November 2017

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Attendees: Anders, Tony, Richard, Hans-Peter, Susan, Larry, Bill, Dan, Serena, Chris

Apologies: Bob


  • Track down the revised Framework Document
  • Implementation guide Document
    • Dan- Never finished this is now re-writing a version for Merck
    • Hold off on this until Merck has been published

Discussion on Next Steps


  • Have we out lived our purpose
  • Still a need for this group to help facilitate cloud adoption
  • What would our next steps be

Hans- Peter

  • Examples to move application into the cloud
  • Generate a case study with anonymisation around moving application into the cloud
  • Are we missing a survey of Pharma companies of what is it preventing them from adopting cloud


  • ISP are relaunching their special interest group within cloud
  • Not sure what else could be covered on this topic
  • Tony,Chris and Dan went to FDA, FDA were working on a guidance document which wasn't published so we tried to get a collaboration with PhUSE.
  • Has been confirmed that FDA has a guidance on cloud which is completely written


  • Intention to get into close dialog with FDA
  • Consolidate our framework
  • Would still like to deliver


  • Will not be able to engage frequently but will share any outputs for the group


  • Do a survey to see if the purpose of the group has been achieved
  • Take some steps to provide more practical instructions to expand that aspect of the framework


  • Learn more about putting data/application in the cloud


  • Tony- To post an agenda for the next meeting on TW to brainstorm around next steps