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Attendees: Yusuf, Adama, Disa, Lauren, Chris, Imran, Kenneth, Philip, Harry

Use case criteria

2 use cases chosen by the group to illustrate groups in each of the sub groups

  • Use cases do not have to be from IBM
  • Chris – No statement that our use cases depend on an open or close Blockchain this would be use case dependant
  • Yusuf- If we have Blockchain that need trust, trust is in the concept of Blockchain by participation in the chain there is no need for trust
  • Chris- Choose the most relevant implementation for the use cases
  • General discussions:
  • Farzad mentioned should we decide on whether to use Federation Database e.g. IBM or others vs Ethereum (Open Source)

Other considerations raised by members;

  • ID how trust is organized in Blockchains if participation or should the need to have trust be removed
  • Trust as Open/Closed/Piggy back on open or distributed
  • Validation of use cases
  • Consensus
  • ID limitations per use case
  • Focus on education
  • Explore fundamentals
  • ID minimum criteria to be functional including requirements (Legislations, technical and pharma e.g. new IT implementation process)

Disa – Investigate trust depending on the use case we choose (open or closed Blockchain)
Adama –

  • Define the types of trust in the Whitepaper and link the types of trust to certain Blockchain the trust is different with different users
  • Deliverables and timelines
  • Provide information that adds informational pieces at the next step
  • Produce a communication plan as the final deliverable produce a presentation for June 2018

Next Steps

  • Sub work groups to come up with two use cases and put it to a vote at the all team meetings