15 OCT 2018

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Attendees: Catherine, Patty, Sue, Phil, Thomas, Drashtti, Lou anne, David, Fred, Jennifer, Maria,



  • Upcoming Webinar
    • 24th October 3pm GMT/10 EST
    • Drashtti and Thomas presenting on the RDF/Linked Data for potential Nonclinical Use
    • Show why everyone is talking about RDF/linked data
    • Thomas and Drashtti to send over some text for Lauren to include in the reminder of the webinar
    • Is there a way that we can give feedback from the webinar to see how we can improve

  • Connect 2019
    • Bob will go to connect and support the work streams
    • If you submitted and need support please reach out to Bob

  • Prep for CSS
    • Any workshop/projects they'd like to include
    • Safety Analytics could be interesting for Nonclinical as well
    • The Standard Analyses team will also be presenting on the Safety Analytics focusing on the Clinical side of things
    • Visualisation tools - No way to use Visualisation tool routinely
  • What would limit this?
    • Thomas - We only get data after a report is finalised
    • The lack of certain types of data in SEND makes it difficult to make the data useful
    • PhUSE could pick up what came out of the Safety Analytics workshop and build on this
    • Safety Analytics on a larger scale -How to use this data at the stage we are in is worth talking about
    • Workshop Idea - Standardisation - How to drive use-ability of what we have and point out where variability hinders analytics

  • Updates on the Wiki site
    • Bob Friedman updated the Wiki page

Round table of Project activities

  • SDRG - Aiming towards the next TCG update
  • Define XML - gone through all the targeting questions and have made recommendations and dropped these into the FAQ
    • Awaiting feedback from FDA for 'What does the FDA do'
    • Which variable should have code list is still being worked on
    • FDA are going to start working on Define in November which may take around two months - could this be a breakout topic?


  • LW to send the timeline for CSS once publicly available