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When: 3:00PM , 15Oct2012
Place: Teleconference
Facilitator: Lauren Mihalcik
Scribe: Lauren Mihalcik
Attendance: Lauren Mihalcik, Joyce Zandee, Megan Bausman, Judy Henck, Nancy Everds

General discussion

Most discussion centered around drafting questions for the survey (see draft survey page). Options for getting word out about the survey were considered, and professional societies seemed to be a good option, in addition to PhUSE and Instem lists. Societies to target include SOT (to be contacted by Judy), ACT (Lauren), STP (Nancy), and the Teratology Society (Judy).

During a straw poll at Eli Lilly, respondants were asked about things they hated or wanted out of historical control data. One major idea that came up in numerous guises was the issue of consistency (e.g., in nomenclature, in the reporting of background lesions). Additionally, having a database that was easily accessible was considered important.

Follow up

Contact assigned professional societies about sending out our poll. Consider data types to include in the survey. Goal: survey out by the end of the year if possible

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