14th December 2017

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Attendees: Wendy, Tony, Hans-Peter, Chris, Dan, Suzanne, Apologies:


  • Discussion on next steps
    • Tony collated comments and uploaded to Teamwork everyones view on the continuation of this project.
    • Tony, Chris & Dan have confirmed that moving forward and due to work commitments, participation in this project will significantly decrease.
    • Majority view is to continue as a team but would require new leadership.
    • Action: Team members to reach out to Tony if this wish to take the lead in the Cloud Project.
    • CSS would be the transition / hand over
  • Ideas raised at the last call
    • Develop/provide specific guidance for vendors/service providers who are delivering services, that utilize the cloud, to pharma companies.
    • Provide more practical instructions to expand that aspect of the framework
    • Facilitate Cloud Adoption

2018 Meetings/CSS?

  • Attendees from Cloud, Dan, Tony, Hans-Peter (TBC)
    • Action: LW to reach out to project members and establish who is attending CSS with a view to discussing the transition/leadership. Early bird closes 26th January 2018. You can register here.


  • Action: Dan to facilitate meeting with Tony and Leadership of the renewed ISPE Cloud Team. Team to reach out to Dan if also interested in joining call.
  • 2018 - Chris may require input from team with regards to attending (Life Sciences Conference)
  • Action: LW to confirm next meeting 11th January 2018 16:00 GMT.