14 MAY 2018

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Attendees: Patty, Troy, Kevin, Phil, Catherine, David, Gretchen, Kevin,

Apologies: Jen,


  • Confirm Data Consistency and Visualisation of Histopathology Data to confirm at the next Webinar on the 23rd May
  • Update on the NPR from Phil (Work with Etransafe How DV can be used as safety signal detection and Look at the way we can use algorithms that will help to identify safety signals)
  • Phil - We want to collaborate with Etransafe awaiting for memorandum of understanding from PhUSE
    • How would the relationship be documented - Sue sent out a note to Scott
    • What is the scope?
    • Histopathology could find its way into the Estransafe tool
    • Wait for Scotts feedback on the collaboration and scope

  • New Project - SDTM and SEND Format
    • Explain what RDF is
    • Thomas and Drashti - Leads
    • Next steps Patty and Sue to take to SC for review
    • We need to make our data more efficient in terms of storage


  • Patty to follow up with Maria - Interactive presentation on the Visualisation project
  • Phil awaiting on confirmation from Alan