13th June 2018

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Attendees: Hans-Peter, Anders, Stuart, Martjin, Bob, Suzanne 

Apologies: Evi, Tony, Rocco


  • Walk through of Martjins comments
    • Anders - Maybe we should write an appendix so that we can update it as frequently as we need to without having to update the document itself 
    • Should we have examples on how this can be handled in practice 
    • The level of involvement consider is there is a difference and what we have to be aware of 
    • Should we reference to GDPR 
    • Keep the Background on the same page as the goal is not to educate people on cloud 
    • Should other services be included in this document 
    • Martjin - SOC 1 not sure if I agree with the general description as I believe this is more financial based 

  • 7.2 
    • Bob uses Abode for digital signature - It is a nightmare as people do not use the right meeting ect. we are looking for another option for digital signatures 
    • Anders- Requires your organisation to be mature with a lot of strong templates and people know what they are doing 
    • Stuart - We are seeing more companies moving away from signatures and using audit trails 


  • Anders to update the document with the comments and propose a plan to creating our next version of the document 
  • Next meeting- To discuss plan on how to create a new version of the do