12 January 2018 Meeting Minutes

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A TC/webex meeting was held on 12 January 2018 and hosted by K. Snyder. The abstract for a poster presentation was submitted by A Brown to PhuSE on 5 January 2018. A draft poster for the upcoming 2018 FDA PhUSE CSS was prepared by P Drew and reviewed by the team. Comments were provided and will be incorporated. It is expected that the poster will be ready for submission by the end of January as the deadline is 2 February 2018. Further team review will be by email. The team discussed on identified limitation with displaying the data from eTOX using HistoGraphic in that it is not evident what constitutes recovery data. Unless prior knowledge of study design and necropsy days are known, recovery groups are not noted as such. Absence of lesion type in a recovery phase or necropsy may be inferred as recovery. An interesting feature of HistoGraphic is use of color for indicating lesion severity. K Snyder will have his computer during the poster presentation to give a live demo of the software tool and its functionality. J Zandee gave a live demo of use of the SEND Explorer Warehouse tool for displaying the same eTOX data set (AZD2014) as for HistoGrpahic. The eTOX data were entered into a spreadsheet format so that the SEND Explorere software could read and display the data. The team discussed similarities and differences with respect to data evaluation and analysis with the different software tools. Each visualization provides a unique display which provides the opportunity for different insights to be made from the data. The next team meeting will be 2 February 2018 and the team will discuss future plans and objectives for the current project, or whether new project proposals should be made.