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Attendees: Jeff, Sam, Priya, Mike



Review of paper

Mike has reviewed the document and provided feedback - team to incorporate comments

  • Methods Section
    • Describe what we did - some of this may fall into work flow
    • Describe the data - How we went from FHIR to AdAM
    • How data was accessed and process
    • Automated workflow
    • Mapping and what analysis we did
    • AdAM - need for standard analysis data sets
  • Results
    • How hard it was going from FHIR to AdAM
    • Describe the Cynthia data
    • Show how we grabbed the data
    • Sam to help Priya with converting into the CSV
    • Mapping document - Priya to put together the ADA piece and send to Jeff
    • We are not making any real study conclusions as we do not have scientific examples
  • Discussion Topics
    • Prototype limitations
    • Security issues
    • AE's
    • End to end proof of concept
    • Create an analysis concept that would support this real time work we are discussing in the paper
  • Shareware house
    • Use the mapping in the EDC project and include those with the CDISC standard
    • The AdAM metadata and any CDISC metadata can be retrieved from share


  • Sam and Priya - Put together descriptions of how they grabbed the data and how all the pieces fit together
  • How the data was accessed and processed - Sam to start writing and meet with Priya to finish it off
  • Sam to send Priya links within Sandbox to convert codes into the CSV
  • Mike to include a similar user story paragraph to the introduction
  • By next week - draft on the methods/ include the displays in the results