11th January 2018

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Attendees: Evi, Stuart, Anders, Larry, Daniel, Serena, Chris, Peter, Richard, Bob, Whalley,

Apologies: Tony,


  • Welcome new members Frank Meloni and Gayathri Kolandaivelu
  • Scenarios Document
    • Bob to reach out to Anders with regards to adding some questions to the Scenarios Document from a document Anders has.
    • Bob to send latest version of the Scenarios Document to Anders who will incorporate European Commission questions
    • Chris (AWS)- final document that needs to be edited?
    • Additional feedback on fixing one session Bob hasn't received the latest version
    • Chris will start again with the latest version and Bob will resend the feedback
  • Volunteers to take over the lead for Cloud from Tony
    • Anders will take over from Tony


  • CSS Breakout Sessions Timings and Titles
    • To discuss at next meeting
  • Set up 2018 Meetings Leading up to CSS
    • Weekly or Bi Weekly
    • Set up next meeting for January 18th
  • Chris - Have been requests to organise compliance for public cloud Chris reached out to public cloud providers but it would be best to do this within an existing group as this PhUSE group would the group be interested in hosting or participating in?
  • Anders If this is in alignment with PhUSE then we should go ahead with this collaboration
  • Chris to have another call with the Cloud Providers to see which collaborations would work
  • Combination of Cloud Providers, Customers and FDA or regulators to join the discussion would be the ideal list of attendees
  • Dan, Anders, Richard to attended CSS


  • Bob to identify the latest scenarios document and send to Anders
  • LW to set up next meeting for the 18th team then to decide on weekly or bi weekly meetings
  • Chris to give an update at the next meeting on the Cloud Providers meeting
  • Bob to resend Chris the feedback email