11 September 2015 Meeting Minutes

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A teleconference and webex was held on 11 September 2015 in which Melissa Wilbert of Novartis gave a live demonstration of the histopathology visualization tool within the Translational Safety Platform (TSP). Histopath data were primarily displayed with bar graphs, although pie-charts were also depicted. Prevalence of findings across tissues can be displayed from high to low across the x-axis, making comparisons across tissues and between dose levels possible. Prevalence numbers can be increased due to multiple findings within a tissue from a single animal. Text tables can also be created. Data from multiple studies can be aggreggated together and displayed on different rows. Historical control data can be evaluated. A demonstration of cross-domain analyses with clinical lab test data can be done. Specific questions should be asked for graphically displaying a clin path parameter versus a select tissue lesion or finding. Correlations against drug exposure data can be done. However, consideration needs to be made for studies in which satellite TK data are used and the plasma drug level data are not in the same animals as for histopath. Lastly, an update was made regarding the upcoming European Society of Toxicologic Pathology in Surrey, England in which Kuno Wuersch of Novartis will be presenting on TSP and histopath data visualization. Kuno can pose various questions to the audience for feedback using the "Turning Point" software. This working group is to provide Kuno with some yes/no and multiple choice questions for feedback from the attendees.