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Attendees: Sam, Terek, Trisha, Jeff,

Apologies: Stan, David, Mike, Steve


  • Lead introduction - Priya Gopal
  • Brainstorm around new project ideas
    • Look into coding
    • Create a service that does the mapping and a translation
    • David Iberson hurst has been working on coding
    • Focusing on one dictionary used in a EHR or general?
    • Trisha to reach out to DIH to see if they are interested in this
    • Sponsors have issues but have not seen this published
    • No need for a NPR as it is a natural progression and a follow on from the findings from the last project
  • Update on paper - are we ready for this to go to SC?
    • LW to send to SC for nest meeting August 10th
  • Call for participation - What are our next steps in order to entice members?
    • Call for volunteers has been advertised in the WGQ
  • Deadline C4P Baltimore
    • August 31st
    • Ask Dave to see if he'd like to work on the abstract


  • Terek to reach out to Phil-Sam to send the problem statement to Terek with the links to the papers on PhUSE
  • LW to advertise new project idea on PhUSE
  • Trisha to reach out to DIA
  • LW to send papers to SC