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1.) Look at the Teamwork page: https://phuse.teamworkpm.net/#dashboard/activity

     Make sure you have accepted the email invitation to join

2.) Look at the PhUSE WIKI page: http://www.phusewiki.org/wiki/index.php?title=Investigating_the_use_of_FHIR_in_Clinical_Research#Deliverables_and_Dates:

     You should have access to it if you have access to the PhUSE WIKI

3.) Synthea data update / first look 4.) Action Items from last mtg
Action: Regina / Sam happy to work on drafting the introduction. Brook also happy to support.
Action: Geoff / Sam can help with annotations and ODM
Action: Regina / Brook can start to populate. (Discussion section – potential applications of methods & data / Challenges of the data obtained for use in clinical trials)
Action: Regina to send Trisha DCIX information (done)
Action: Chrissy & Trisha due to meet 4th May to review timelines and will then share with the team. (Mtg moved to Friday, 12 May)
Action: Chan from Triangle will support the Technical Part of the document (in terms of describing how the data were extracted from Synthea)
Action: Trish to send Resource Index Link. All to choose an option to work on. (https://www.hl7.org/fhir/resourcelist.html)
5.) Who is going to the EU CSS in London (19-20 June / Grange Tower Bridge Hotel)? Last day to get the hotel discount is 14 May. We will have a working team meeting.
6.) Amy Harris-Nordo's paper on the Duke EHR study

I may or may have to let in my HVAC person during today’s meeting. Hopefully someone on the call will keep things moving along should this happen.