10 July 2015 Meeting Minutes

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The teleconference held on 10 July 2015 included webex, in which Jillian Sanford from PointCross provided a live demonstration of the ToxVision Software (used by FDA). This software utilizes SEND data to display toxicology study data. The demonstration provided an example of tabular displays of histopathology data with the ability for the user to filter or select tissues of interest, treatment groups, sex, etc within a single study. Visual cues for incidence data (color gradients) of specific microscopic findings are used, with color gradients based on percent incidence. Incidence data are reported with lesion severity and for total incidence in the tissue. Visual cues for lesion severity are not available, with severity indicated via terminology. Customized data tables can be exported to Microsoft Word for incorporation into documents or to Excel for further analyses. Individual animals with specific lesions/findings can be readily identified, with links to individual animal tox data in other domains readily assessable. Data cannot be aggregated from multiple studies, but multiple studies can be depicted side-by-side on screen. Aggregated data need to be compiled within Excel. Multiple domain analyses cannot be graphed together, this can be done in Excel. Pie charts are not available. Multiple pages of tabular displays for histopathology can exist. The next team meeting will be 24 July 2015 and will be devoted to review of responses to the histopathology visualization questionnaire. Live demonstrations and/or examples of other software tools for histopathology visualization will be a priority for future team meetings.

Histopathology Data Visualization Questionnaire