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Attendees: Wendy, Geoff, Chrissy, Trisha


Outstanding Actions:

Action: Geoff to forward meeting invites for the ET&T Co-Leads monthly catch up


Need to update Wiki Page ACTION: Chrissy to create word document with content for each bullet and WD can add to wiki page Review content for US & EU CSS participation Please find attached the Research on FHIR slides for Monday. I’ve also attached a slide you can use (if you want to) during the Sunday Plenary. Chrissy or I can present on Monday.

Link to slides for Monday
Link to slides for Sunday

As for the other information you wanted by last Friday ...
Approximate Number: The number of people is truly a best guess: 10-20 What we’re going to do at CSS in Silver Spring (Sunday Plenary): Birds-eye view of the path to the campFHIR (the why) Look at Resources available in FHIR (the what) Compare FHIR Resources to CDISC domains (the where) Define project timelines (the when) Make assignments (the who) Draft first Use Case (the how)

You’ve got to use "jazz hands" when saying "the why", "the what", etc. in order to give it the right level of PIZAZZ. Maybe use one of the sound bites found on Free Sound (https://www.freesoundeffects.com/free-sounds/fire-10007/) I like the firetruck sirens – the other fire sounds (at least the few I listened to) don’t have much pizazz ...

If you use jazz hands and the soundbite you get a free beer.

Note the above tasks for Silver Spring can only be completed if we get to work both days and even then it’s an ambitious list. Do you have any idea how much time we’ll have?

What we’re going to do at CSS in London: Finalize Use Cases Draft/Outline White Paper We can discuss and make any changes during our meeting tomorrow at 10:00 EST. Also for tomorrow: Look at the Resource List (http://hl7.org/fhir/DSTU2/resourcelist.html) and discuss how best to review with the team. (Is this even the right link to use?)

Regular Team Meetings to be scheduled