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Attendees: Jeff, Priya

Apologies: Sam, Trisha, Terek, David, Steve Agenda

  • Priya - Found a data base but this is something different which we would usually get
  • Would be great if we could gain access to EPIC and SONA
  • Synthia resembles real data but we are unable to identify anyone from this
  • Can we get our hands on some data that resembles the real word
  • Priya downloaded Synthia - there was no oncology data
  • What other information can be pulled out of the EHR
    • Oncology data can be pulled from this but you need the ICD codes within Synthia
  • Priya has a list of meds which are prescribed - will send over to Jeff and Sam
  • Could we reach out to EHR vendors to see if they could give us some dummy data?
  • FDA can not share any data with us but are interested in learning about EHR
  • Jeff has a list of lessons learnt that we could add to the existing one

Abstract -

  • Lessons learnt - could we combine this with what we previously did
  • Priya - we do not have many lessons learnt
  • Jeff and Priya to work together on writing the abstract for US Connect - August 31st Deadline


  • Pull something from Cynthia for oncology data and send a screenshot to Sam and Jeff
  • Priya - look through previous papers and see if we can add to lessons learnt that have previously been discussed based on therapeutical area or new issues
  • Priya to see if we can get some dummy data from EHR vendors
  • Jeff to write an abstract together with Priya
  • Priya to research ICD9 for oncology or ovarian