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Attendees: Jeff, Wendy, Chris

Apologies: Trisha,


  • Sams's project
    • Team to volunteer for specific tasks
  • Action: Sam to upload process flow to Teamwork for team to review so can assign names to tasks
  • Cancel meetings (13th/21st/27th December)
  • TS Action: Keep 13th but cancel 21st / 27th December
  • CSS - Who is presenting?
    • To be raised during the next call on 13th.


Chris / Trisha - Look to send both Freeconference call dial in details to Lauren. To cancel the meetings scheduled from Trisha's diary and Lauren to re-send so can manage the correct dial in details should either lead be unavailable

Lauren to look into Freeconference call to see if 2 people can be assigned to the same dial in details. i.e., delegate/deputy.