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Attendees: Jeff, Mike, Sam, Trisha,

Apologies: Chris, Steve, Geoff


Conference Dates

  • Next Connectathon in Cologne in May 12th -13th 2018
  • Next US Connectathon September 29th and 30th 2018
  • HL7 plan FHIR applications round table to take place on the 26th and 27th September 2018
  • Esource Roundtable in association with the CDISC interchange in Berlin - Monday 23rd April

FHIR Connectathon

  • TransCelerate had a big influence
  • How can the work we are doing align with TransCelerate
  • EDC stand box needed to test
  • Clearly align future projects with TransCelerate use cases and the BR&R use cases
  • Have one of the next papers as a use case and work between the Connectathons
  • Can we get participation from other members to link the projects
  • Esource team is having a three day face to face
  • Trisha is participating to try and get Esource team involved with this project

Future Projects

  • Duke are working on using FHIR the difference is they have their own FHIR interface to their EHR but it is the same idea as the middle ware application that the site uses to pull the content out of the EHR and push it into the EDC system
  • They load the EDC system into a frame within the webpage (as they pull content from the EHR they can load this into the EDC system and use this information to help pick what visit they want to map it into)
  • Duke have either own EHR FHIR interface and have multiple interface systems such as RAVE the challenge is that why they have FHIR as a standard for EHR there is not the same standard for EDC systems to work in the same way
  • Can we get Duke involved in the work we are doing to provide additional inputs as they are working on a similar project, could we work on something together in the future
  • To come up with an Outline and Timeline for the team
  • Try to get Duke involved with CSS - Could they give us a demo?
  • See if Amy would like to collaborate on projects


  • Where do we put the mapping - Keep the mapping metadata in share and aligned with CDASH to make it easier to implement Esource studies
  • Would there be a way we could link the two so both could be consistent? - Depending on HL7 committed to maintaining it and we can pick one source
  • Where are we going to store the ETC - We could put this into share
  • Share repository could be moved forward within this year
  • We have to move forward with the CCDs is because they site may have not moved forward to FHIR


  • Sam to produce a Timeline by the next meeting (21st)