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Attendees: Terek, Trisha, Priya, Geoff, Jeff, Sam, Mike Apologies: Shannon, Jeff


  • Jeff has started to work on the paper
    • Talk about AE in methods and discussion
    • We do no have a different data base to compare to and are unsure if Synthia has errors
    • See if we can get access to another database
  • Priya will have some displays created
    • We could recreate a repository on the PhUSE GitHub
  • API - Priya to test these
    • Sam is working on the write up for this
  • Sam - show what the end to end process looks like in the paper
  • Future considerations section
    • Touch on the AE resource
    • This can go into the discussion section when we talk about limitations
  • Mention the BRNR as a use case


Sam -

  • Working on the API and the methods

Priya -

  • Working on creating the table displays and the programming and on the methods
  • Results


  • Priya to send the displays to Jeff
  • Priya to work on the API
  • Jeff to upload the paper into Teamwork
  • Decide what our discussion topics are next week
  • All to review paper to discuss comments at out next meeting
  • LW to set a meeting up for 19th Dec and 2nd Jan @11am EST